Observational Techniques

Observation is very important in any bodies life and anybody can be more observant if they wish, with a little practice.

One technique I would recommend is a simple one which would be to write, or take a picture of something they have seen that interests them each day for one year. I would recommend to write a few short paragraphs each day for one year with something of interest you see each day. Within this you can go in to as much details as you wish and go deeper and deeper. With this you will find yourself going into more detail each time you write and soon you will remember almost everything you see about that one thing that you write about. Most people will forget the majority of the things they see and only remember the things that stand out to them straight away. This is what you do not want to do, you want to look deeper in to what you see, and discover things you would not normally find.

Another technique which I would recommend is to observe people in a way you would not normally do. With this you could observe any person you wish that you normally see on a daily basis and look at what they do each day and try to figure out if they have a small system for doing every day things. One example could be to see what type of clothes a person wears to work each day and try to see which particular shirt or tie a person chooses to wear each day. With the observation of this person you will soon be able to predict what they will wear the following day. The options are endless and you can choose something as weird and crazy as possible observe. I like to observe some bodies everyday regime at work, to see what they do first when on arrival at work then what they do next each day. Soon after a slight bit of observation I can predict what they are going to do and most times I get it pretty much spot on.

Another observational technique I would recommend is to look at something from a different point of view each day. with this you can see what the object is facing, what it is next to and what is above and below it. I would also recommend looking at an object much deeper. For a simple example you could be observing a mug or a cup. It isn’t just any ordinary mug or cup although it might just seem it. look at not only the colour or shape of it which most people would do. Try to look at it in much more detail like seeing if it has a small chip, and seeing if it has any significant scratches on it. Try to do this with one object each day and soon you will have a memory full with the details you have gathered, which could end up being useful. Once you get good at this you can observe things in much more detail, remember much more about what you are observing, and recall the information you have gathered much easier.

I would first recommend to a person just starting to choose the first option as you can sit back and take as much time as you wish to write about what you are observing. This will help you learn about observation and how to do it. It will then lead you to do the two other techniques I have recommended, but I would say do one at a time as it may end up getting complicated.



Observational Skills And Techniques (Reminder)

I am just reminding my readers that either tomorrow or later this week when I am available, I will be posting about how to enhance your observational skills, opening your mind, memory techniques and what to observe when looking at things.

The sorts of things I will be posting are very useful in everyday life in particular the workplace. They can help you remember to do things, know more about something, and remember where things are.

I know the memory technique I use is extremely useful in the place I work for finding things. It is easy to do with a bit of practice and I always remember where things are once I place them there.

For observational techniques  will teach you how to observe and how to look at things from a different point of view. This can also be useful in the workplace, on people, and on objects.