Science of Deduction

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Sherlock Holmes’s Science of Deduction teaches us that life is a great chain. The Science of Deduction and Analysis sharpens the faculties of observation, and teaches one where to look and what to look for. Like Sherlock, I don’t have friends, I have acquaintances. And frankly, I like better it this way. I have the freedom to furbish my mind to observe the strangers I meet on a daily basis.

From the morning to the evening, I sit here thinking to myself while observing your every breath, what is going through your mind? What excites you? What saddens you? Do you notice me the way I notice you? Do you observe me the way I observe you? If you are not observing, I long to know what exactly is going through your mind. What is it like in your funny little brains? It must be boring.

Analyzing human behaviour allows us to…

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