How To Tell If Somebody Loves / Likes You

I have found a few simple tips on how to tell if somebody loves of likes you. However you will have to assess the situation and environment before you start to consider these signs as they may be affected.

1) Shinning Eyes: It has been found that when a person likes you, their eyes appear to shine a little more in front of you. This is because when a person likes something or someone, their eyes naturally start to shine. However, keep the environment in consideration as sources of light may make the eyes appear to be shiny. 

2) Raised Eyebrows: According to body language a person may naturally raise their eyebrows the moment they see someone they love or like. This is a subconscious body reflex which a person is letting you know that they have acknowledged or seen you.

3) Prolonged Gaze: It has been found that people tend to gaze more at the eyes of people they love of like, while normal people would look in the eye for sometime then shift their gaze away for a few seconds before returning to eye contact.

4) Uneven Eye Contact Distribution: If a person loves or likes somebody they will tend to look at you more often. To explain this, if you were in a group, then the person who likes you will give you more of their eye contact, than they would give eye contact to the others in the group. It has been found that a prolonged gaze can actually lead to attraction. When you look into somebodies eyes for long periods of time, hormones that are responsible for attraction get released automatically into your bodes.

5) looking at you in funny situations: The person who likes you will want to see you laughing, that is why they give you a quick look after something funny has been said. This could be that they are trying to find something in common with you or that they are looking to see if you are laughing too. This may tell them that you have similar interests or into similar humour or jokes etc.

6) Pupil dilation: The pupil of the person who likes you will dilate in your presence. In other words you will notice that the pupil of that person is becoming wider in your presence. People’s Pupils dilate when they look at anything they like. Also keep the surrounding area in consideration as the smallest change in light may make the pupils dilate etc. 

7) Looking Away When You Catch Them Looking At You: Just as the person who likes you will want to look at you all the time, they will also want to look away as soon as they acknowledge you looking back. This happens because that person will want to show you that they are not interested in you order to protect their ‘ego’

8) Interested In Your Topics of Conversation: The person who likes you will often ask further details of the conversational topics and go into much more depth than in a normal conversation. This will be with the aim or finding similar interests, and having a longer conversation with you. Keep into consideration that it may be the persons job to go into detail or that the conversation genuinely interested them. Do not assume somebody loves or likes you just from this tip, but use it as a contributing factor with the other tips to strengthen you allegation. 

9) Heart Rate: It has been found that when a person likes or loves somebody, their heart rate will increase. This is due to the fact that hormones inside the body are released which make the heart start pumping faster. Also signs of nervousness around the person can be  seen, which will also make the heart pump faster. Keep into consideration that the persons previous or current movements may impact on this. Simple movements like walking up a flight of stairs will increase heart rate. 

I would suggest trying to observe these tips in your friend groups and try to pin point who likes you if you can. However keep the environment in consideration


Clothing Explained

Clothing can tell us a lot about a person.

The first type of clothing i will talk about is un ironed or dirty clothing. This type of clothing can indicate a few things about a person. Pieces of clothing that are un ironed and creased may indicate to us that the person who is wearing them was in some sort of rush or had no time to do their clothes properly. This could also indicate they had no access to an iron that day which could tell us they were away form home, or staying with somebody else or did not even go home that night.

The next type of clothing i will talk about is cheap clothing. Cheap materials like polyester may indicate the persons clothing is a standard issue uniform or they bought it especially for work. Cheap and Easy to maintain may indicate they would mind them getting dirty or damaged. However, cheap clothing may indicate that a person is struggling financially for reasons like no job, on benefits or homeless.

Expensive clothing can tell us a lot about a person. The first reason being that they are most probably excelling financially and that they have money to spend on clothes and jewellery. This could indicate that a person is into fashion and that they like the latest and hottest brands to wear, which it could tell us further that they like to be centre of attention and they have to look good to be there. Or another reason is that they are trying to make a good impression like being on a first date, job interview or that they work in a professional place.

Formal footwear is usually dark in colour, most commonly black or brown, and materials used are usually leather or suede. This type of footwear is mostly used in professional places like jobs, interviews, formal situations like court hearings or meetings.

Informal footwear is most commonly used for sporting activities, or casual and comfortable situations. This type of footwear is usually worn by the younger generation of people like teenagers etc. Brands that include in informal footwear could be Nike or Adidas etc. Most young people who wear these sorts of brands for footwear are usually following the latest trends in that style, so it is worth while keeping your eye out on the latest fashion trends for certain clothing. This may help you read a person much more clearly and efficiently.


I will also be posting very soon about different types of clothing and what type of people you may see wearing them. types of clothing are very important for reading people. It can give you a clear image on what the person has been doing, where they have been, their profession and even if they are financially stable or not. keep an eye out for these posts, as i think that a lot of the readers will be interested in what i will be uploading.


To tell if somebody is unsure about about some thing, they would use word spacers (erm), to slow down what they are saying and to give them time to reply or think about it. Word spacers can also be seen with somebody who is lying, when they haven’t fully prepared what they are going to say.

An unsure person would naturally pull a confused face involving facial tension which could include squinting their eyes or  tightening their lips together. They may also repeat themselves quite often, in order to try and convince themselves that what they are saying is true or correct.

With terms of body language an unsure person may often find themselves ‘fiddling’ with a small object like a pen which would take their mind off what they are thinking about or talking about.

Science of Deduction

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Sherlock Holmes’s Science of Deduction teaches us that life is a great chain. The Science of Deduction and Analysis sharpens the faculties of observation, and teaches one where to look and what to look for. Like Sherlock, I don’t have friends, I have acquaintances. And frankly, I like better it this way. I have the freedom to furbish my mind to observe the strangers I meet on a daily basis.

From the morning to the evening, I sit here thinking to myself while observing your every breath, what is going through your mind? What excites you? What saddens you? Do you notice me the way I notice you? Do you observe me the way I observe you? If you are not observing, I long to know what exactly is going through your mind. What is it like in your funny little brains? It must be boring.

Analyzing human behaviour allows us to…

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I think we all know what we do when were scared…

But its what other people do when they are scared are what we are looking out for. When most people are scared, their body will shake mostly in their hands and legs. When a person is scared they may also develop a pale or red complexion. Also when a person is scared they won’t want to be in that particular place at that particular time and will try almost anything to get away from that situation.

Most of these signs are the same as when a person is nervous so try and differentiate them by considering the environment, time, day, place or the situation they could possibly be in.